• Perge Ruıns

  • Perge was occupied by the Persians in the 6th century BC, while in the 4th century BC it was invaded by the armies of Alexander the Great. The city later came under the rule of the Romans and its ally Pergamon.


     Perge was the most affluent city in Pamphylia and this affluence manifested itself in the city’s infrastructure in the 2nd and 3rd century. Since the beginning of the 2nd century, the civic and public buildings of Perge often contained the inscription of Plancia Magna, the high priestess of the Cult of Artemis, belonging to the prominent Plancius family. This family emigrated from their native Italian homeland in the 1st century BC and acquired large tracts of territory in the vicinity of the city. It is known that the family spent a large portion of their income on developing the town’s infrastructure.


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  • Excavatıons

    • West Gate Excavation

    • West Necropolis Excavation

    • Basilica Excavation

    • Acropolis Excavation

    • Excavation of the East Portico

    • 2012 Year Stage 1

    • 2012 Year Stage 2

    • 2013 Year Stage 2

    • 2014 Year Stage 3

    • West Gate in 2015 and 2016



Events organized at Perge Ruins